Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

Dawn is professional, knowledgeable, and honest. She helped us locate our dream home and negotiated a GREAT deal on our property! She worked tirelessly to get the deal closed and make sure everything went smoothly at the closing. Thanks for everything!- Suzanne Collins


Dawn is an extraordinary person with excellent people skills. She has a strong positive outlook which contributes to her success. Her presentation was exceptional. Paul and I cannot say enough compliments about Dawn and we believe she would be an excellent choice for anyone wishing to have a positive and reassuring real estate experience. We cannot recommend her highly enough.- Paul and Joanne Goorjian


 Dawn and Tchaka were a pleasure to work with. Dawn communicated very well throughout the selling process, especially with me being out of state. Tchaka also helped out with some maintenance issues we had, which made my life much easier. They both made the selling process easy for us and we were able to get the condo up to par and sold all while being 1500 miles away! The condo was on the market for 6 months with a prior realtor and Dawn took over and got it sold in much less time. She is motivated, diligent and does what it takes to get your property sold! I wish I had gone with her the first time around.- Amanda Pacheco


Professional. Honest. Responsive. Great and easy to work with. Far outshines every other Realtor I know. I literally could not ask for her to do anything better or differently. Thank you Dawn!!! - Eli Casper


I was getting impatient with unforeseen delays.Dawn told me to be patient because it was a good deal for the property. She was spot on and very happy I own the condo today. - Greg Adornetto


We had a terrific experience with Tchaka. We moved across the country, and he showed us a wide variety of areas, neighborhoods and helped find the perfect location for our family. He was extremely patient and always enthusiastic, despite the probably 100+ properties we had him show us - wow! When we had some difficulty with negotiations and some less than honest agents/owners, he was right there to help and advise regardless of how early or late in the day. And his integrity really showed numerous times when he could have gotten a deal completed, but basically advised us against it as he felt better (and even lower priced) options for our family were still out there. This was the 4th house my wife and i had purchased together, in numerous cities across the country, and Tchaka was by far the best agent we've worked with. We'd recommend him in a heartbeat!! - Josh Herman


Excellent skills and very professional. I would definitely use her services in the future for my real estate. My deal on my condominium had some bumps in the road and she and her partner made sure everything stayed on track and kept moving forward. - Island Appraisal


After being contacted by and turning down multiple realtors I decided to give Dawn a chance due to the fact she was not pushy and came across as very professional in her tone. My instincts were correct and during our initial meeting she demonstrated her knowledge, confidence, and honesty. I found Dawn to be very passionate about what she does and I believe this is why she was able to get full asking price for my rental property. I would definitely use Dawn again and I highly recommend others looking to sell or rent do the same. - Stephen Van Zandt


You won't find anyone better then him. No, seriously I tried. He always answers his phone and goes out of his way to find you the perfect place. He helped me with a touch and go short sale, but in the end he pulled through and I have my first house! - Kristin Dolak


After more than a year of looking for a home that would also accommodate my boat, none of the various real estate agents I worked with were successful. Then I met Dawn Capehart. Dawn was proactive and started looking for me right away. Because of the market, my price range and the size of my boat options were limited. To my surprise and delight, Dawn went door to door in my desired neighborhood and asked homeowners if any were interested in selling their house. She didn't think about her commission first (though she is worth every penny of it), she thought about me, my needs and was able to find the perfect house. She's an amazing Realtor and I recommend her highly. - Evan McCarthy


Ms. Capehart is the Realtor who you have always dreamed of! Professional, diligent, and personable are just a few of her outstanding traits. She was a pleasure to work with and was able to stay on top of negotiations so that I ended up in the place I wanted. She came highly recommend to me and I highly recommend her to you. - Martha Grabiec


Dawn helped my husband and I to buy our first house. Since it was the first time, we had a lot of questions and she gave us all the answers we needed to make the purchasing process easier and most important happier. She is very professional and we never would have been able to make it with out her! She did a great job! I recommend her to anyone that wants to have a responsible and assertive agent. We found a great realtor and a true friend. Dawn, Thank you so much! - Linda Duffie


Dawn was amazing! She went above and beyond to do the right thing for us. Her dedication and fortitude has to make her in the top of her field. She went the distance in our situation, more than she ever was expected too. I not only recommend her but infatically suggest that if anyone has the privilege to have her as their agent.....your worries should be over...count your blessings...Dawn is a Godsend. - Chris Doumis


Dawn was great to work with looking for a Condo to rent in downtown Ft. Lauderdale for my finance and I. Dawn knows the area well and listened to our needs. We look forward to working with Dawn in the future! - MJCooper


Honestly.. this lady is amazing! If I'd known her when I was looking for to buy a house, I would've had it in time. My situation changed so I had to look for a place to rent in a meantime so I met her in that process. Where other agents I contacted never called back or in the worst case scenario; didn't show up to show the apartment!
She was right there, right on time every step on the way (very punctual). She found apartment to rent for me which wasn't even one of her listings. I just can not recommend her highly enough, she is like a pitbull looking like a beautiful lady- determined, tenacious and definitely gets work done. I wouldn't use anyone else's services after I've had an honor to work with her, nor could I recommend anyone else to. If you're looking for an agent.. stop searching, she is the wonder woman of real estate. - Susanna


Dawn Capehart is a great professional. She was very proactive, diligent, and dynamic through out the process. She looked for new options that fit my needs and not only she negotiated perfectly on my behalf, but she went outside her way to improve the process, communication and most of all results! She is a great Realtor and recommend her extensively. - Rafa Romero


 Dawn is not only a wonderful realtor , she's a wonderful person and actually takes your problems to heart and cares about your house as if it was her own. And trust me when there's things that need to be done she gets them done I would highly recommend Dawn Capehart to anyone who's selling or buying a new home we had a great experience with her when we had her as a realtor and I actually consider her a friend now, so if you're buying or selling your home this is the woman you need to get a hold of. Dawn is the one I give a 10 out of 1 to 10 10 being the best, in fact if I ever buy another house I will totally use her again you will have a great experience with Dawn!- Pennie Riegler